Leadership Legacy Fund Launched at AABLI Tribute

The Yvette Chappell-Ingram Leadership Legacy Fund was officially launched by the African American Board Leadership Institute (AABLI) at its recent tribute to the fund’s namesake, who is retiring after ten years as AABLI’s president and CEO.

The fund will support AABLI’s programs for board equity and diversity, social justice and leadership development.

Chappell-Ingram was saluted July 15 at a virtual gathering of community leaders, AABLI alumni and funders, community partners, former board members, friends, colleagues, and family. The event was sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation, with ABC7 Los Angeles Morning News co-anchor Leslie Sykes serving as mistress of ceremonies.

Speakers cited the departing president’s 30 years as a community “servant leader.” Chappell-Ingram has devoted the last decade to AABLI, after co-founding the organization with attorney Virgil Roberts in 2011.

AABLI’s mission is to strengthen nonprofit, public and private organizations by preparing African American professionals for service on a broad range of governing boards, and by assisting with their placement. During Chappell Ingram’s tenure, AABLI has trained more than 750 program participants and placed more than 250 on nonprofit boards, corporate boards and commissions.

“What I’m most proud of,” said Chappell-Ingram, “is the environment we created to help build community.” Acknowledging the California Endowment’s role as AABLI’s first grantor, she recalled the “leaps of faith” required to start a nonprofit from scratch. “We did not do it alone, but I am thrilled to have played a part in moving this organization forward.”

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The mission of the African American Board Leadership Institute is to strengthen nonprofit, public and private organizations through recruiting, preparing and assisting with the placement of African Americans on a broad range of governing boards.


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Professionals contribute their unique perspectives, experience and insight to the successful governance of organizations.


AABLI recruits and prepares African Americans for leadership roles on a broad range of governing boards.


We aim to increase active participation of African Americans on governing boards.


Diversity gives institutions the opportunity to be better aligned with the communities they serve, improve decision-making and expand networks of dedicated talent.

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The African American Board Leadership Institute partners with organizations across the state to provide outstanding professional development opportunities to individuals and nonprofit organizations in the community.

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AABLI offers business professionals training, guidance, and opportunities in their pursuit of board leadership.  Alumni and experienced board members can benefit from our continuing education courses, webinars, invitations to guest speakers series, and valuable networking events.

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Many boards lack diversity and tend to elect individuals who share the same personal networks. This potentially limits opportunities to reach beyond their boundaries. AABLI helps organizations diversify and find qualified African American candidates to serve on their boards.