Thyonne Gordon, Ph.D.
Founder, Beyond Story

AABLI Class #3 alumna Dr. Thyonne Gordon is an accomplished organizational & human development expert, writer and producer. Also, Dr. Gordon contributes to the Antioch College Non-Profit Management Graduate Program as an Adjunct Professor. Her work with small businesses has empowered hundreds of organizations nationwide with growth platforms using her proven technique of the S.T.O.R.Y.  Accelerator™.

Dr. Gordon’s ability to shed light on causes that bring positive impact is evidenced in the piece, From Watts to Africa, showcased in the 2015 Pan African Film Festival. This film highlights the journey of 17 inner city youth traveling to Africa with the organization, Foundation For Second Chances and the impact this leadership program had on their life.

Dr. Gordon’s gifts in bringing stories of significance to light and enhancing organizations for success, is unparalleled. She has also raised millions of dollars for causes and is committed to positive, strategic and sustainable growth in the social profit sector.  With several accolades and awards for her work, Dr. Gordon is most proud of her service in board leadership and received a gubernatorial appointment to the California Naturopathic Board of Directors in 2014; was voted board Chairperson of Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara in 2015 and has distinguished service on the Board of Advisors for the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Residing in Los Angeles, she encourages youth and adults alike to “bloom where you’re planted.” You can learn more about Dr. Gordon and her work by visiting