AABLI Board Talks

We welcome you to the newly launched AABLI Board Talks, a stimulating online series of hosted interviews and independent discussions featuring African American professionals, board leaders and alumni– all experts in their respective fields. Board Talks is a space where lifelong learners find innovative ideas and solutions for people of color who want positive change in their communities.

We are delighted to bring you this exciting series; we believe you will be rewarded for the investment of your time and attention.

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Episode 16: Dr. Loren M. Hill, Class #6 and Myeisha Peguero Gamiño, Class #5

“ Board Members Protect Their Mental Health & Support the Well-Being of Their Organization”

AABLI alums Dr. Loren M. Hill and Myeisha Peguero Gamiño discuss how-to tips to manage mental health during uncertain times and beyond. (Release date 8/13/20)

Episode 15: Rosetta Henderson, Class #6 and Nancy Harris, Class #5

“ Board/Community Leaders Discuss Supporting the Youth & Low-Income Families During COVID-19 & Beyond”

Nancy Harris, executive director of Faith Foster Families Network interviews Rosetta Henderson, community outreach project manager at Southern California Edison (SCE), on how leaders can support the youth, low-income families, and local nonprofits. (Released 8/6/20)

Episode 14: Vernon Webb

“ Six Suggestions to Boost Your Board Leadership Emotional Resiliency”

AABLI alumnus Vernon Webb, managing director of Webb Group Leadership Development, provides six ways to support strong leaders to lead from within. Learn how to use Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence as a board member. Released date: 7/30/20

Episode 13: Captain Brent Burton

“ Leadership Safety and Taking Action During COVID-19 and Beyond”

AABLI alumnus Captain Brent Burton, Los Angeles County Fire Department, shares three basic leadership challenges with solutions during an emergency. Released date: 7/23/20

Episode 12: Susan Burroughs

“Board Leaders & Healthcare Executives Navigate Through Challenges of COVID-19”

AABLI alumna Susan Burroughs, chief operating officer of KershawHealth, Camden, SC and South Carolina Chapter President of the National Association of Healthcare Executives (NAHSE) shares the impact of COVID-19 from the lens of a healthcare practitioner and board leader. Released date: 7/16/20

Episode 11: Sarah Harris and Nancy Harris

“Board Leaders Discuss Creative Ways to Execute Mission in Turbulent Times”

AABLI alums Sarah Harris, publisher, Suite Life SoCal Magazine & board chair, Forgiving For Living engages in a thoughtful conversation with Nancy Harris, executive director, Faith Foster Families Network to discuss marketing and creative solutions to execute an organization’s mission in turbulent times and beyond. Released date: 7/9/20

Episode 10: Karen Blackwell

“Renewed Board Leadership During COVID-19 and Beyond”

Karen M. Blackwell, CEO at Sage & Alms, and board member of the nonprofit, Social Justice Learning Institute, shares ways that leaders can “show-up” for their community during a pandemic and beyond. Released date: 7/2/20

Episode 9: Dr. Christa Washington

“The Road Ahead – How to Respond, Recover, and Rediscover”

Dr. Christa Washington, AABLI Class 11, at The Chicago School Professional Psychology touches on Emotional Intelligence and many more important qualities that leaders should exhibit to their teams during uncertain times. Released date: 6/18/20

Episode 8: Dr. Shindale Seale

“Identifying Special Risks to the Board and the Organization”

From instituting a community needs assessment to underscoring the importance of revisiting the organization’s mission and vision statements, Dr. Shindale Seale, AABLI Class #15, shares essential nuggets of information for non-profit leaders on this episode of BoardTalks. Release date: 6/11/20

Episode 7: Patrick MacFarlane

“Board Leaders Respond to Education and Child Care During Covid-19”

AABLI Class #12 Patrick MacFarlane, government relations manager at Child Care Resource Center, talks to AABLI alumna, Zaneta Smith about the effects of COVID-19 on the education system and child care programs since the stay at home order and beyond. Released date: 5/28/20

Episode 6: Vera A. Moore

“How Businesses Lead with Purpose: 3 Steps to Building Future Leaders”

Watch AABLI Class #13 Vera A. Moore, vice president, Responsibility Office of Nonprofit Engagement at JPMorgan Chase & Co, as she provides ways that leaders, in the private sector, can inspire employees to give of their time to nonprofit organizations. Released date: 5/21/20

Episode 5: Kevin Dious

“How Board Leaders Build Stronger Communities with Technology”

“As a board member, you should really push leadership to really reexamine the operations of the business.” Learn how your nonprofit can use technology to build [a] community from Class #5 alumnus Kevin Dious, chief of staff to the CEO at Reddit, Inc., during this AABLI Board Talks interview. Released date: 5/14/20

Episode 4: George Davis

“Beyond COVID-19: Why Board Leadership Skills Will Be More in Demand?”

AABLI Class #1 George Davis, executive director, California African American Museum (CAAM), discusses what to expect beyond Covid-19; telehealth, eLearning, robotics, and virtual reality are among the industries, which will continue to grow. Watch as George talks about the LA art scene and how your leadership skills can sustain you after the pandemic. Released date: 5/7/20

Episode 3: Trella R. Wallker, JD

“Nonprofit Finance Impact: What are Boards Doing to Pivot?”

AABLI Class #9 Trella Walker, director, Advisory Services and head of Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) Social Innovation & Equity Council, discusses how leaders can use their knowledge, experience, and creativity to address the financial impact that nonprofits are facing amid COVID-19 and beyond. Released date: 4/30/20

Episode 2: Dr. Thyonne Gordon

“Shift Your Crisis Story to Elevate Board Leadership”.

AABLI Class #3 Dr. Gordon, founder of Beyond Story, invites board leaders to shift their organization’s crisis story and provides tactics in how to elevate your board leadership role during COVID-19 and beyond. Released date: 4/27/20

Episode 1: Virgil Roberts

“The Facts: Past, Present, and Future Board Leadership” 

Watch as AABLI alumna and Class #3, Zaneta Smith interviews AABLI Co-Founder and Board Chair, Virgil Roberts. During the first AABLI Board Talks, the pair discuss proactive measures for board leaders to consider during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Release date: 4/23/20