Public Boards and Commissions are important bodies for impacting communities at the state, regional and local levels. While the State has more regulatory boards, local and regional commissions are instrumental in shaping key policy decisions, as well as designing and providing input on administration of county and city services.

Sponsored by The James Irvine Foundation, the Public Boards and Commissions Training was designed to train the AABLI Alumni on the commissions process. In the full-day training, participants learned about the application process, how to position themselves to be seated, the various commission positions, and had the opportunity to interact with experienced commissioners.

Thanks to the generosity of The James Irvine Foundation we successfully trained more than 25 AABLI Alumni on the state, county and city commissions process from December 2016 to May 2017. We hope to offer this training opportunity in the future.




Interested in learning how to make yourself a credible candidate for a commission seat?

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