The Board Leadership Program is designed for the professional who requires more in-depth preparation for board placement and for those who wish to sharpen their board skills. This 2-day intensive program will be taught by individuals in academia, nonprofit and business professions.

The Course curriculum includes:

  • Governance & Fiduciary Oversight
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Fundraising & Resource Development
  • Emotional, Political & Cultural Intelligence


Head Faculty

Latonya Slack
Slack Global Consulting

“Board Governance –  Know the Rules and Know your Role”

Course Description 

What do you need to know in order to be an effective board member? Do you know your responsibilities? Are you aware of the rules and regulations that govern boards? In this session, you will learn how to recognize situations that require your attention or consideration. Understanding the basic rules and guidelines will help you navigate potential traps and ensure that you and your organization have the resources that you need to make sound decisions now and in the future.

Brickson Diamond
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Leadership Council

“Fast Track to Fundraising”

Course Description

One of the most crucial jobs of a board of directors is to raise the money required to fund the pursuit of the organization’s mission.  However, many individuals find the determination of how much to give personally and how to raise money from others daunting.  This session will build participants’ knowledge of the fundamentals of fundraising, expand thinking about each board candidate’s capacity to give and provide guidance on how to make the all important ask.

Zachary Green, Ph.D.
University of San Diego
School of Leadership & Education Sciences

“Invisible Skills of Board Leadership”

Course Description

This module explores invisible skills needed for effective 21st century African American board leadership.  We will re-examine the “double consciousness” of DuBois through activities designed to evoke and assess the capacity of participants to address “real time” challenges.  Our focus will be on dynamics that are hidden in plain sight and strategies to meet them.  The aim is for participants to enhance skills in responding effectively to conflict as well as micro-aggression with balanced insight and greater emotional intelligence.

hudsoncropPaul C. Hudson
Paul C. Hudson Consulting
“Introduction to Nonprofit Finance” &

“Advanced Financial Concepts for Nonprofits”

Course Description(s)

Introductory –This class will provide a basic understanding of Nonprofit Financial Statements that will help you overcome fears associated with understanding and discussing financial reports, and prepare you to contribute to board discussions regarding finances.

Intensive – This class will explore financial sustainability strategies for nonprofits and involve an analysis of income, expense, assets and liabilities to identify opportunities that enable nonprofits to sustain themselves over the long term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A binder of resources, access to placement assistance services, professional headshots, breakfast and lunch on both days, reception with hosted beverages.

Once you have successfully completed the training, staff will assist you with placement. You will be invited to networking events where you can meet representatives from organizations in-person. We will also provide you access to a database of over 90 vetted nonprofit organizations and vacancies on state boards and commissions.

Absolutely! We’ve had professionals fly in from as far as Washington, D.C., Texas, New York, Louisiana and beyond to participate in the Board Leadership Program. Staff is happy to provide hotel recommendations upon request.

Traditionally, people are asked to join a board by a friend, colleague or family member. Little if any training is provided and skills are acquired ‘on the job’. The Board Leadership Program’s curriculum provides an in-depth overview of what is expected of board members and the skills needed to succeed in the role.

The Board Leadership Program is open to all experience levels. Whether you are a seasoned board leader with over 15+ years of experience or a millennial who has just received a graduate degree and has a few years of professional experience – the Board Leadership Program can demystify what it means to serve on a board and will give you access to some of the most dynamic and community-minded African Americans in Los Angeles County and beyond.

The Human Resources department often has a budget for professional development. AABLI can provide you with a W-9 or IRS Form 590 to share with your HR department. AABLI also has a letter template available should you request tuition reimbursement/sponsorship from your company.

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