Networking Like a Boss

By Brickson Diamond
AABLI Faculty Member
Chief Operating Officer, The Executive Leadership Council

Mastering the art of networking is serious business. During our AABLI Board Leadership Program (BLP) exercises and discussion, there is not enough time to dig deeply into the nuances of networking, engrossed as we are in expanding our universe of relationships, advancing the causes about which we are passionate and elevating the work of the organizations that express our greatest passions. In this brief entry I will touch on all of these more meaningfully than time allows during our session. This should serve both as a great preview for those considering an AABLI Board Leadership Program and as a moment of greater reflection for our alumni.

Get Social

By Monique Stennis, MBA
Digital Marketing Specialist
Inter Valley Health Plan
AABLI alumna, Class #6

LinkedIn is a far cry from the professional website introduced to me in 2008 by former co-workers. They touted the site as an amazing place to spotlight accomplishments found on my résumé and connect with a range of professionals. It is a platform, they said, where former colleagues/employers can write firsthand recommendations about their professional experiences with me.

Real Talk: Why Change If Everything’s Working?

By Thyonne Gordon, Ph.D.
CEO, Beyond Story
AABLI alumna, Class #3

If we take the same route every day and it works—why change? The same applies in our business lives: “Why fix it if it ain’t broke?”

Another route might be more scenic, but unless we’re willing to shake up our routine, we can miss a fantastic view of the lake and the mountains.