Real Talk: Head to Heart Leadership – Succession Planning Today, Successful Board Leadership Tomorrow

By Dr. Thyonne Gordon
CEO, Beyond Story
AABLI alumna, Class #3

How do you determine when to step into a board leadership role?

Leadership begins when you accept a seat on the board. Period. Once you do, you should understand the responsibilities that come with the seat. As a board member, you should investigate every corner of your organization’s mission and structure. Familiarize yourself not only with the duties of a general board member, but with the duties of each officer or committee person.

Mastering a New Seat: Mastering Fundraising as the Prospective Board Chair

By Brickson Diamond
AABLI Faculty Member
Chief Operating Officer, The Executive Leadership Council

Mastering the art of networking is serious business. During our AABLI Board Leadership Program (BLP) exercises and discussion, there is not enough time to dig deeply into the nuances of networking, engrossed as we are in expanding our universe of relationships, advancing the causes about which we are passionate and elevating the work of the organizations that express our greatest passions. In this brief entry I will touch on all of these more meaningfully than time allows during our session. This should serve both as a great preview for those considering an AABLI Board Leadership Program and as a moment of greater reflection for our alumni.