Create Your Own News Bureau

Written by: Monique Stennis
Adjunct Professor
University of Redlands
AABLI alumna, Class #6

About a decade ago, your first encounter with a person was face-to-face, whether it was at a hosted networking event, during a first time meeting or via an introduction made by a mutual contact. Now, with over three billion social media users worldwide, people are becoming acquainted with your personal brand—experience, expertise, competencies and achievements— in the marketplace, directly online. So making that powerful first impression has become a game changer on social media.

Board Member’s Guide to Supporting an Organization’s Full Cost Needs

Written by: Trella R. Walker, JD
Associate Director for Advisory Services
Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)
AABLI alumna, Class #9

It is no secret that nonprofit organizations have expenses that go beyond those associated with programming. We often label those expenses as overhead or indirect costs. Just as necessary to nonprofits as direct programming costs, these expenses include executive salaries, administrative supplies, facility costs, technology and other items. Such costs, however, are difficult to fund.