After Passing the Budget – Goals for the Fiscally Responsible Board Member

Written by: Trella R. Walker, JD
Associate Director for Advisory Services
Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)
AABLI alumna, Class #9

All good board members know it is our job to make sure our organization has a solid budget that supports the organization’s ability to meet both its short and long term goals. So we do our due diligence and pass a responsible budget that can be used to guide the organization for the year.

Your Personal Mid-Year Check In

Written by: Loren M. Hill, Ph.D.
AABLI alumna, Class #6

Summer is the season for mid-year reviews. For many of us, that may mean mid-year job performance reviews, or perhaps our summer portfolio review. If we are serving on boards, we may be reviewing the mid-year performance of our organizations.

Not Just a Seat at the Table, But a Voice, Too!

Written by: Gregory C. Scott
President & Chief Executive Officer
Community Action Partnership of Orange County
AABLI alumnus, Class #4

Women are dramatically outnumbered on the boards of the nation’s biggest companies. In 2018, California passed a law (California Senate Bill 826) trying to change that. The law, SB 826, requires at least one woman on boards that have four members or less, two women on boards of five people and three women on boards of six or more.