Faculty office hours

Building Stronger, High Performing Boards

Faculty Office Hours
Written by: Yolanda J. Gorman, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor to the Chancellor, UCLA
AABLI Lead Faculty

In my work with nonprofit boards, I often find that board members are extremely talented, skilled and passionate about the organizations they serve.

Why, then, do some governing boards have such bad reputations?

Diversity: Let's come together

Moving Beyond Bold DEI Statements to Action: How Board Members Can Influence Change

Written by: Lori Walton
Inclusion & Diversity Corporate Philanthropist
AABLI Alumna, Class #16

We will never forget 2020. It brought us face to face with a deadly pandemic, but it also has brought about a heightened focus on racial injustice. From protests around the world to community activism, we have witnessed increasing, bold statements of change from organizations calling for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

What does their support for DEI mean?

chess pieces

The Strategic Board

Written by: LaVada English, MBA
Founder and Owner, LaVada English Consulting
AABLI Alumna, Class #10

As regulatory and other pressures increase, boards are expected to become more deeply involved, taking on a strategic role to ensure that organizations thrive. Traditionally, boards have become involved in strategy when there were specific reasons to do so, such as the retirement of an incumbent CEO, a major investment decision or an acquisition proposal.